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Welcome to the cattery Murashoff!

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Hello, my name is Nadezhda! Our Cattery is located in a Nizhnevartovsk city Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous region-Ugra, Russia.

The cattery is engaged in cultivation of cats of breed the Canadian Sphynx and is registered in the World Federation of Cats (WCF).

The Canadian Sphynxes of our cattery regularly and successfully take part in the international cat-shows WCF.

Our cattery is not big, therefore we have possibility to find time to each our Canadian Sphynx. All our kittens grow in love and care, they live together with us, so we categorically against the cage maintenance of the Canadian Sphynxes. All our kittens of the Canadian Sphynx from first days grow together with the people, therefore they are perfectly socialised, are able to get on with children and other animals.

In our breeding we aspire to come nearer to the standard of the Canadian Sphynx as much as possible.

Kittens grown in our cattery have the excellent look and real Sphynx character. Our Kittens of the Canadian Sphynx leave home not earlier than 3-4 months, vaccinated, accustumed to a litter box, completely socialised, with Pedigree , vet. passport and the contract, with some food for the first days and recommendations about care and the maintenance.

Our cattery is always glad to contact with our buyers and guarantees lifelong support and consultations on any questions about our kittens of the Canadian Sphynx on care, health and the maintenance. Parents of our kittens are the titled Canadian Sphynxes of the best blood lines of the USA, Korea, Belgium, France, Spain, Israel, Russia in excellent type with the filled, interesting Pedigree.

At our cattery you can pick up a kitten of the Canadian Sphynx both as a pet, and for show career and breeding. Kittens sold as a pet, are neutered/spayed before moving to the new house.








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