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About Breed!

Unearthly creations from the far planets, cats which name the Canadian Sphynx,they have grasped my heart for always. They did it gently and tenderly, on them soft long toes extraordinary beautiful leg-handles,they have got to me into soul and have lodged there, having brought in my house that shred of happiness which noone animal on this planet cannot present to me more than they do!

When the sphynx is coming to me, puts on my knees them velvet paws, pathetically looks into my eyes and gently whispering mourrrrr so i be thrilled, I take it on handles and put my face into the numerous wrinkles -it is happiness!
When I go to the bed in the evening,sphynxes are coming to me,diging burrows in my bed and lay next to me -it is happiness!
When early in the morning sphynxes starts to awake me up,skipping on me as an horses and demanding a breakfast - anyway it is happiness!

So if you are ready to such portion of happiness - then a Canadian Sphynx is your breed. Sphynxes they are not usual cats who walks by them selfs,sphynxes is cats who lives with the human,and frequently on the human. Dialogue is necessary for them as an air. They can get to you on a shoulder and sing on your ear them Sphynxes songs,they can come to u and kissing u for hours. They are unusually clever and understand much more than we think of it. They will talk to you, they will see off you from the house and meet!

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